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Success stories of Veronika Monteith´s clients

My Clients Say

When I met Vivi, I felt sad, small and lost. Due to huge changes in my life, all my routines, my independence I felt was gone. Every sense of control or security, everything what gave me stability has left me. I felt anxious and exhausted because I tried to control situations, which was not possible.


Negative emotions and chaotic feelings were floating me… I had panic attacks and due to my huge sadness and destructiveness I was sabotaging my love, couldn’t let my partner breathe or feel secure with me, nor I was able to perform in my job and serve my clients. 

The moment I met Vivi, I felt a strong connection. From our first session on, she saw my potential and detangled gently all the chaos in my thoughts and feelings. She listened carefully and her responses where thoughtful, simple and with wisdom. She could see through the chaos right to the core of the problem. She accompanied me with kindness and authenticity back to myself, where all the joy, energy and stability comes from.

She helped me to remember who I really am. I am overall grateful that I found her!


Dominique, France

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I have worked with several coaches and I have to say that Veronika is truly the number one in her field. Her amazing kindness, passion and ability to feel the client are absolutely unmatched. Her coaching expertise and techniques are truly unique. I immediately felt that I was in the best hands. I wanted to move my business to a higher level, and under her intuitive guidance, during our 6 sessions, I made great progress in all areas of my life, not only in my business. The result I achieved thanks to our cooperation is completely beyond my expectations and this cooperation with Veronika turned out to be one of the best investments I have ever made for myself.

I warmly recommend!!


Milada, USA

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From the very first session, Veronika created a safe and supportive environment that allowed me to open up about my career challenges and the internal struggles I was facing. Her ability to listen attentively and ask insightful questions helped me gain a deeper understanding of my own aspirations, values and potential. The supportive environment helped me overcome self-doubt and taught me effective strategies for building confidence and enhancing my professional visibility as I was going through personal issues on career progression and imposter syndrome.


Her unwavering belief in my abilities and consistent encouragement and ‘push’ has been a tremendous source of motivation and encouragement.   I always felt supported and empowered to take bold steps towards completing my goals, even when faced with a lot of uncertainties and setbacks.

I wholeheartedly recommend Veronika to anyone seeking transformative coaching. Her empathy and unwavering support have been instrumental in my growth journey, and I am truly grateful for the transformative impact she had in my life. Thank you so much Veronika! Continue unlocking the true potential in others!

Ebbie, Singapore

Feedback Like This Means the World to Me

I am so grateful that I met and worked with Veronika! During our time together I felt that I was in the right place with the right transformational coach! She created the safe environment for me to trust her and explore my issue. She helped me explore and identify my issue, my limiting belief. She gave me clarity and focus to my outcome. Then with her competence and excellence we worked with tools and techniques how to overcome my blocks. The transformation was amazing! I really want to thank her and recommend her 🌟 Thank you, Veronika!🧡


Vicky, Greece

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Veronika is an exceptional coach who has greatly impacted my life. Her warm and empathetic approach created a secure atmosphere where I felt comfortable discussing my struggles with procrastination and overwhelm. She didn’t just listen, she truly understood, making me feel seen and heard.

With Veronika, I found the courage to face my challenges and see patterns I was previously blind to. Her unique coaching style didn't just provide temporary relief - it transformed my mindset and habits. The way

I approach my personal and professional challenges has been completely redefined.

Working with Veronika has been an empowering experience.

If you are seeking a transformative journey, I wholeheartedly recommend Veronika as your coach.


Inka, Germany

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I found it extremely beneficial working with Veronika (Vivi). After the first session, I found myself moving in a great direction with my life and business. Vivi created a space for me to explore options as well as guided with great questions. She has great energy and presence. I highly recommend working with Vivi.

Thank you, Vivi, for your help.


Sheetal, United Arab Emirates

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I had a wonderful experience with RTC and Veronika as my coach. I immediately felt a deep connection with her and it was very easy for me to open up and share things with her that I haven’t shared with many people. Veronika is a warm and kind person and an absolutely amazing coach who asks the right questions to find all the answers that I already had inside of me. She is very good at listening and holding space and you feel like telling her everything.

Thanks to Veronika, I finally took my first steps towards my business and designed and printed my business cards which turned out beautifully and I was so proud of myself. Veronika inspired me to take actions and helped me reframe my limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

She used very helpful tools to discover and let go of old negative beliefs. RTC is an amazing coaching method, different from any type of coaching I have experienced so far. Veronika is truly incredible and I can warmly recommend her as an RTC coach.


Dijana, Switzerland

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I would like to thank you, Veronika, for the wonderful insight into my business communication that I gained thanks to you. Your coaching techniques allowed me to see the possibilities of how to express myself more accurately, timely and see the situation from a different perspective.


As time went on, I noticed how I gradually implemented more effective communication in everyday work situations, how easily I handle them and how calmly I react in case of complications.


This big change has a positive effect on others around me.

I appreciate our cooperation and I am grateful that I chose you. You are an amazing coach who combines a very professional approach, expertise with gentleness, warmth and respect."


Zdenka, Czech Republic

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I had a lovely coaching session with Veronika. With a powerful visualisation exercise she really helped me tap into and connect with that vision of my higher self. You can really feel that Veronika genuinely cares about her clients and is there to support you, and challenge you to be your best.


Holly, Australia

Client testimonials of Veronika Monteith´s coaching
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